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Cheney: Senate CIA Report ‘Full of Crap’

Wall Street Journal | December 2014

Former Vice President Dick Cheney hit back against the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report criticizing the CIA’s interrogation program, dismissing it as a flawed and “terrible” piece of work.

Bret Baier Marks 5 Years as Anchor of ‘Special Report’

Media Bistro | January 2014

Bret Baier will celebrate his fifth anniversary as anchor of “Special Report” tonight. Baier began at Fox as the network’s Atlanta bureau chief in 1998, running the operation out of his garage with a fax machine and a cell phone.

Fox News’s Bret Baier slims down

Washington Post | November 2012

Bret Baier can barely recognize himself. In his office at Fox News’s Washington bureau, the anchor sits at his desk, examining photos of the man he used to be.

Fox News turns 15 on top and still climbing

TBO | October 2011

Fox News Channel anchor Bret Baier recalls that when he started at the network at a bureau in Atlanta with little more than a cellphone and fax machine in his apartment.

Candidates Did Fine, Fox News Did Better

Commentary Magazine | August 2011

More than a few commentators argue that Newt Gingrich helped himself during last night’s debate by his feisty attacks on Fox’s Chris Wallace and Bret Baier. Maybe, but I rather doubt it.

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