Bret Baier serves as host of “Special Report,” the 6 p.m. flagship news program of Fox News. After Baier leaves the air, strange things happen on the sets of Fox News. Wild allegations, poorly sourced garbage, straight-up advocacy for people such as President Trump.

How to explain it all? At a Washington Post confab Tuesday morning, Baier gave it a shot. It’s all about fire walls, he suggested. “The problem, sometimes, is that Fox gets painted with a broad brush,” said Baier, who was discussing TV news with Judy Woodruff, anchor and managing editor of the PBS NewsHour, and moderator Dan Balz of The Post. “I think Sean Hannity, for … his opinion, he does an amazing job bringing forth his thoughts on things, similar to an opinion page of a newspaper that has their opinions. But you know what you’re watching, you know what you’re reading.”

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