The Baier Family

Bret and Amy Baier at the Children’s Ball benefitting Children’s Health

Bret and Amy met on a blind date in October of 2002 after mutual friends decided they would be the “perfect match.” Amy flew in from Chicago and they went to a Rolling Stones concert on a double date. Their friends were right—Bret and Amy married two years later in October of 2004.

The Baier family at the Lincoln Memorial

Paul Francis Baier was born June 29, 2007. He was given a clean bill of health in the first hours after his birth, but the next day, a nurse noticed Paul was turning pale. An echocardiogram soon revealed that Paul had five serious congenital heart defects. Without emergency surgery within days – he would die. Dr. Richard Jonas performed an eight hour open heart surgery on Paul when he was 12 days old. The “fix” included inserting what’s called a homograft – a donated baby aorta that connects Paul’s pulmonary artery with the right ventricle of his heart. The donated connector does not grow with him and at 10 months old Paul went in for his 2nd open heart surgery to have it replaced with a bigger version.

Paul and Daniel at the Eisenhower Library

Since that time, Paul has had numerous angioplasties to open his arteries and to clear the homograft. In September of 2013, Dr. Jonas performed a 3rd successful open heart surgery on Paul. He will have to have at least one more open-heart surgery and other procedures as he continues to grow, but today Paul is very healthy and active. He loves sports and enjoys spending time with his friends.

Daniel Bret Baier was born July 10, 2010 and is a healthy, active child. Daniel is a sports fanatic and plays hockey, lacrosse and basketball. He enjoys playing video games with his friends and following the Washington Capitols.

The Baier family touts their Catholic faith for getting them through the most difficult days in the hospital.