Bret Baier

Bret Baier currently serves as FOX News Channel’s (FNC) chief political anchor and anchor of “Special Report with Bret Baier” (weeknights 6-7PM/ET), the top-rated cable news program in its timeslot and consistently one of the top five shows in cable news. Based in Washington, D.C., Baier joined the network in 1998 as the first reporter in the Atlanta bureau.

During the 2012 political season, he served as co-anchor of FNC’s America’s Election HQ alongside Megyn Kelly. In addition, Baier provided extensive coverage of the 2012 campaign cycle, anchoring Presidential and Vice Presidential debates, as well as the Republican and Democratic conventions. Baier also moderated FOX News Channel’s five Republican presidential primary debates.

Baier, Kelly and Chris Wallace anchored three GOP debates for Fox News Channel in 2016 with the debate in Cleveland, OH reaching a record 24 million viewers. He interviewed all of the presidential candidates, including Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in a Democratic town hall, for Special Report. Baier continues to provide extensive political coverage for FOX News Channel.

During his tenure at the network, Baier has interviewed President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, former President Barack Obama, former President George W. Bush and former Vice President Dick Cheney. He has also anchored more than thirty political specials on FNC, reported from Iraq 12 times and Afghanistan 13 times, traveled the world with various administrations and military officials and reported from 74 countries. Special Report with Bret Baier was acknowledged by TIME magazine’s Joe Klein as the only “straight newscast” in cable news at 6PM/ET. Bret was also recently awarded the 2017 Sol Taishoff Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism.

Prior to his anchor role, Baier was named chief White House correspondent in 2006 and covered the second term of the Bush Administration. Before that, he served as national security correspondent covering military and national security affairs, as well as defense, military policy and the intelligence community from the Pentagon.

As FNC’s southeastern correspondent from 1998 to 2001, he covered a range of stories, including the 2001 Timothy McVeigh execution and the 1999 Elian Gonzalez story. He has also provided a series of reports from Cuba and covered more than a dozen hurricanes.

Prior to joining FNC, Baier worked for WRAL-TV (CBS 5) in Raleigh, NC, WREX-TV (NBC 13) in Rockford, IL and WJWJ-TV (PBS 2) in Beaufort, SC. A graduate of DePauw University, he has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and English. He is also the author of The New York Times best seller, “Special Heart: A Journey of Faith, Hope, Courage and Love” and “Three Days in January: Dwight Eisenhower’s Final Mission.” Bret’s latest book, “Three Days in Moscow: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of the Soviet Empire,” is available now wherever books are sold. Please see the book tab above for more information.

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